Life in Smart Luxury

MOCA Toronto and Volkswagen of Canada

I was commissioned by Volkswagen of Canada and MOCA Toronto to design, fabricate and install a sculpture for the grand opening of The Museum of Contemporary Art. The final piece consists of a Volkswagen Arteon inside an “infinity box” of mirrors with a video wall on the ceiling. The resulting effect is the interplay of lighting on the Arteon and a series of infinite reflections of the vehicle resulting from the combined use of true mirrors and one-way mirrors.

Additionally, a series of signs from my The Word on The Street Series were placed in the surrounding neighborhood, including the first Mirrored START Sign. This unique piece was made of polished stainless steel and the details were sandblasted into it.

You Deserve This, 2018 (Installed at MOCA Toronto)
Life in Smart Luxury Plaque
Mirror Start Sign


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